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Linkname:Paul Copperfield TEL:0086-21-60871035 Address:Rm402,Building1,No.2588 Jinhai Rd Jinqiao Pudong Shangai 201209 China,Pudong New District,Shanghai,Shanghai Company:Shanghai Everspring Filtration Technology Co.,ltd FMS filter bag 1.heat-resisting 2.high-strength 3.resistance to corrosion 4.temperature:260-300 FMS needle punched felt was developed in 1997 and manufactured in 1998. It is made of more than two varieties of heat-resisting fiber for getting better chemical performance,. The trade name has been fixed as FMS, and has applied trade mark registration. FMS needle-punched felt has many advantages such as heat-resisting, high strength and resistance to corrosion. After chemical treatment and finishing , It also possess the abilities of easily cleaning, waterproof, antistatic and so on. And also different temperatures (e.g. 150-200200-250250-300), we have different products to meet them. FMS is more hard-wearing and more strong than fiber glass, so it can work quickly and can load more pressure. Compared with synthetic chemical fiber, FMS is heat-resisting and corrosion resisting with good stability, strength and low cost. FMS is widely used in steel, color metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, electric powder etc.

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